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7 Health benefits of eating granola

Granola has recently become a popular breakfast item and a go-to item for snacks. It is traditionally composed of rolled oats along with honey, nuts, and puffed rice, making it a nutrient and energy-rich item. Here is how eating granola affects your health:

1.Improves digestion:

Granola is packed with fiber, both soluble and insoluble. And it is a well known fact that fiber is indispensable for proper food passage and digestion in the body. Fiber also helps prevent constipation, high cholesterol and various inflammatory heart diseases. And granola being rich in dietary fiber is a great breakfast and snack item.

2. Weight loss:

Granola is packed with nutrients but does not contain unhealthy carbs and makes one feel full without eating lots of it. It is also low in sodium and cholesterol, both of which cause chronic obesity. Thus it is a great choice for people looking forward to shed some pounds.

3. Great source of protein:

Granola is packed with proteins as it contains many types of nuts. As already said, it also makes you feel full for a longer period of time. It is also a good choice of proteins for vegetarians who do not like consuming meat for protein needs.

4. Prevents anemia:

Anemia is the deficiency of iron that causes various ailments like headache, fatigue, and depression and it affects millions around the world. Granola is very rich in iron and it prevents deficiency of it and thus keeps anemia at bay.

5. Improves cognitive abilities:

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it has a lasting impact throughout the day and our daily activities. Granola is lowers blood pressure and is rich in potassium. This lowers the blood pressure and simultaneously increases the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain, thereby boosting cognitive functions.

6. Regulates blood sugar:

Granola is rich in manganese which is vital for regulation of blood sugar levels in the body. It helps in releasing or inhibiting the release of insulin to maintain sugar levels. Besides, it also helps in production of sex hormones and blood clotting.

7. Rich in Vitamin E:

There are not many common sources of vitamin E which is important for proper conditioning and maintenance of the skin. Granola is rich in vitamin E too and is beneficial for skin.

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